• Kids Tablet 10 Inch, HAOQIN Haokids E10 Android 10 Tablet for Kids, 32GB ROM, HD IPS Display, Dual Camera, Kids Software Pre-Installed, Blue  

Kids Tablet 10 Inch, HAOQIN Haokids E10 Android 10 Tablet for Kids, 32GB ROM, HD IPS Display, Dual Camera, Kids Software Pre-Installed, Blue

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Recent Reviews ( 17 )
ByTiffany KingingThursday, 24 December 2020
bought this tablet to give to my toddler for Christmas. She’ll be 2.5 yo which might be a little early to play with a tablet but I feel limited screen time with educational games won’t hurt. It should actually help! Should help develop speech and reading and writing skills. I did some research and decided to take a chance with Haoqin I hope it will live up to my expectations!
ByAmazingGThursday, 24 December 2020
Product so far working good and meeting my expectations but the case is not durable and flimsy. The stand broke within 5minutes of putting it together, hence the 4 star.
ByAllen ChamberlinTuesday, 15 December 2020
The kids love playing this
ByJaybickTuesday, 08 December 2020
I love this tablet, the thickness of the tablet is perfect for my little ones hands to hold and interact with the games! Also the screen quality is so clear and bright! I love the fact were not charging every couple hours!! It's great!!!
ByA. MacTuesday, 01 December 2020
I just received the tablet and it seems like it will work well for us. The picture is good as well as the sound. I am pleased that it came with a case but wish it had a screen protector. I will have to purchase one separately.
ByLisaMonday, 30 November 2020
I bought this tablet for my son, works amazing, kids app includes many contents, a good buy!
ByLynseySunday, 29 November 2020
I purchased this for my two year old for her birthday. I was a little nervous with it not being a well known brand in our home, but I’m so glad that I took the chance. It came loaded with games age appropriate for free and it also had the option to add apps like Disney plus and such. Definitely would recommend for a first tablet very user friendly for children!
ByKristenMariFriday, 20 November 2020
Camera quality isn't that great but ease of use for a toddler is great as well as for a 9 year old. Has parental controls which we love. Can use zoom for our son's speech on it too. Set it up within minutes, came fully charged, will be buying another one for our daughter.
ByMrs. SPRATLINGSunday, 08 November 2020
I purchased this tablet for my grandson's 9th birthday. He hasn't received it just yet. But, I myself turned it on to check out the quality of the tablet. So far, I'm pleased with the purchase. I know he'll love it. And, I will love the fact that he doesn't have to use my tablet...lol
BySean ZhangFriday, 23 October 2020
My son is very interested in digital screen not only for cartoons but also for learning. But kids are always destructive. I am always afraid that he would broke my iPhone or iPad. I meant to buy a protective shell for my iPhone and iPad. But he may still lock my phone or delete some important files. My wife asked why don't we buy a pad specifically for my son. That's an amazing ideal. This one is a great fit. It runs smoothly. It has great display. It pre-installed several kids software which my son likes to play with. It has google play so that i can easily install other learning software for my son. Most importantly, the shell and its support are perfect. It gives fantastic protection for this pad. The weight is reasonable. My son can easily hold it. This pad will be perfect if it has a better camera. Anyway, I think this pad is a great choice if you are planning to help to improve your kids' learning or want to give them a gift in the coming holiday season.
ByLouThursday, 22 October 2020
delivery is fast, really good kids tablet, I want to order 7 inch kids tablet firstly, but finally I decided to try this 10 inch kids tablet, the kids app is amazing, contains so many contents, my kids loved it, highly recommend!
ByEdithTuesday, 20 October 2020
Beautiful and easy to setup
ByValery olivaMonday, 19 October 2020
my kids love it and so I do 😍 the quality is perfect 👌🏻
ByTonyTuesday, 06 October 2020
My kid is going to school part time and he needs to access the lessons and submit homework with a tablet. I wanted to separate the content and apps from my tablet so it made sense to get him one. My tablet was starting to fill up with pictures he took for his homework. Looked into the fire tablet but it has limitation on what app can be installed. This tablet I got came with a silicon case and kick stand. Comes loaded with the latest android version 10 so I don’t have to worry about app comparability. An old iPad I have laying around is pretty much useless as I can no longer install recent apps. Spec wise is more entry level, but perfect for a kid starting out. With my assistance, I help my kid with taking photos, videos for his homework. Occasionally I let him explore the kid app and there are number of games (educational) that he enjoys. I do limit his screen time as he is always asking to “learn”
ByWillTuesday, 06 October 2020
Really cannot ask for more in this tablet. Come with preloaded games for kids, and basically it’s just like any other android tablet. Can load google classroom in it for the kids, can download YouTube music to play music video, can surf and most importantly, it’s a fast machine, don’t be fool that this one is for kids only, we can watch any YouTube video online, no different compare to Samsung Galaxy or iPad. Actually like it better as the screen is wider. Very good buy for this price, totally out of our expectations!
ByAnthony TranMonday, 05 October 2020
My 3 yrs old usually hogged my tablet whenever I use it to watch Netflix or surfing the net so I decided to get him one. I found this tablet and it's perfect for him since the price tag is decent. What I like is that it has a few apps already installed and it designed specifically for kids to learn. It can also work just like a regular android tablet meaning it has playstore to download apps and can watch YouTube as well. Even though it only have 1 of ram but I find it functions faster than that and plus it's for kids so speed is not big of a deal. Also this does have a slot for SD card in case you decided to put videos or store any photos in it. Finally it comes with a case with the stand at the back so that save me some money too. I would recommend this tablet to those who have kid.
ByNatasha486Saturday, 03 October 2020
Great tablet for my 3 year old. So far easy to download kid-friendly apps. Clarity and sounds are all good. Only thing is that the volume keys are opposite of what I’m used to and the back kick stand is rather flimsy